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Metate Construction, Inc.

Metate Construction, Inc. began providing construction services in March 1988 to property owners and tenants. Services include cost estimating & budgeting, design / build, construction management and general contracting. Metate's construction services include new construction, expansion and remodel of retail, office, industrial, medical and restaurants. Metate provides its clients with detailed definitive costing before the project begins thus assuring the client of accurate information for the basis of an informed decision.


Metate provides preliminary planning and budgeting.  This will assist clients in determining the cost of space needs and finishes. Metate will quantify and define the scope of work to insure that all parties have a clear understanding of improvements in order for the client to know that its requirements are met.  After the project is approved, Metate will complete the construction documents, update costs as required, confirm the final project cost including cost of design and then build the improvements to the construction document standards.  The construction phase can be contracted on a turn-key or cost-plus basis pursuant to an approved written contract.

Metate will assist client in specifying project requirements, budget and scope.  Metate would then solicit proposals and bids, as required, from architects, engineers and construction contractors to provide services as defined.  Metate will supervise, coordinate and inspect work being performed by clients, consultants and contractors.   This service is beneficial to clients who are required to bid all construction work and want an owner’s agent to assist in budgeting, scheduling and contract administration.  These services can be provided on an hourly fee basis, a cost-plus fixed-fee basis or a fixed- fee basis.

Metate will bid or negotiate on a turn-key basis or a cost-plus basis to provide materials and labor to construct improvements in accordance with plans and specification provided by client’s architect and/or engineer. 

Metate will provide consulting services on an hourly fee basis per fee schedule. Metate provides preliminary site use analysis, site development analysis, preliminary construction cost budgeting including architectural and engineering costs, existing building renovation and expansion analysis including preliminary cost and budgeting, alternate designs, materials and methods for cost comparison and estimating services.